Giant Minnesota 18-point buck!

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Despite the huge 195″ buck (and the other giants) that come from Minnesota’s southeast, the northwest and west central parts of the state have been representing their fare share of big racks as well.  Jim Lamb will be on MNSJ Radio this weekend to talk about it as well. Here is the story of Jim Lamb’s 18-pointer:

MNSJ: How big was the deer?

Jim Lamb (JL): 18 points. 272 dressed.

MNSJ: What did it score and what day did you shoot it?

JL: 194 3/8 Nov 3

MNSJ: Did you shoot it with:  bow, rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader?

JL: Bow

MNSJ: In what county?

JL: Ottertail

MNSJ: Have you known about this deer for a couple of years?

JL: Me no, friend yes.

The friends practice QDMA and have a number of nice bucks on their property. 

MNSJ: Do you have trail cam pictures?

JL: They do.

MNSJ: Did you or anyone else ever have the chance to shoot it before?

JL: No

MNSJ: Have you shot many big deer before?

JL: few

MNSJ: Did the neighbors know about this deer?

JL: yes

MNSJ: Tell me about the day you shot it

JL: Overcast…sprinkled

MNSJ: Were you hunting this deer specifically?

JL: No. Just big deer.

MNSJ: Where did it come from?

JL: Bedding area following a doe to food plot

MNSJ: Tell me about the shot:

JL: He was at 12 yards  and my shot hit a branch and the arrow went through the ear.   I stopped him again at 35 yards and my second shot went through the vitals.

MNSJ:  Did it go far?

JL: 120 yards

MNSJ: Did you realize how big it was before you walked up to it?

JL: No. I knew he was big but not that big.


Thanks Jim, congrats!


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