MNSJ Radio: A NEW PODCAST IS UP! Guests include Brian Ophus, Nicole Larson and Jim Sable

If you missed a recent MNSJ Radio show, here’s your chance to listen again!

92714 - mnsj goose fest day 1 night-32


We are up at Goose Fest in Middle River!  We’ll be talking to Brian Ophus from the Wounded Warriors Guide Service about an unforgettable goose hunt from last weekend, where vets that go back to WWII shot triple digit canada geese!  Nicole Larson from Field Of Dreams TV had a once-in-a-lifetime elk hunt in New Mexico and tells us about it.  The fall league for the MN State High School Clay Target League doubled in size this year!  Jim Sable tells us why and about the new addition of skeet.

Click to play:  [audio,,]

Or download each segment to your mp3 player: SEG 1 SEG 2SEG 3


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