QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What do I do if I find zebra mussels?

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Click here to get the MNSJ Magazine for half price!

Zebra mussels sampled by Fond du Lac biologists on Crooked Lake

Q: What should I do if I find zebra mussels while removing my dock or boat lift from the water this fall?

A: If you find zebra mussels or other aquatic invasive species that have not been sighted on the lake before, note the exact location, take a photo and keep a sample for positive identification. Then, call 888-646-6367 or contact a local aquatic invasive species specialist or DNR fisheries office immediately.

You may place the dock or lift on the adjacent shoreline, but you must remove all aquatic plants and animals before transporting it to another location for storage, cleaning or repair. A boat lift, dock, swim raft, or associated equipment that has been removed from any body of water may not be placed in another water body until a minimum of 21 days have passed.

If you are hiring a service provider to transport your equipment, make sure they are permitted by the DNR.  Find a list of permitted lake services providers on the DNR website at

Heidi Wolf, invasive species unit supervisor


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