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Click here to get the MNSJ Magazine for half price!


129 anglers participated in the 12th annual Brainerd Lakes Fishing Has No Boundaries event this weekend.

The event was co-sponsored by Camp Confidence and Rod Benders Multi-Species Fishing League and saw the biggest event in their history.

59 boat captains and too many volunteers to count helped make this happen on Friday August 22nd and Saturday August 23rd.  Around 300 people took to the water and by all accounts, the fishing was great.

Big panfish, bass and northern pike all were boated including a 19″ largemouth caught by Kyle Reese.

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-7
Kyle Reese with a hefty largemouth and Dale Williams with some lunker panfish.

But the biggest fish of the day goes to Jace Keeping, who boated a 32″ northern pike that weighed around 9 lbs.

How big was your pike? Jace Keeping describes the biggest fish of the day.
How big was your pike? Jace Keeping describes the biggest fish of the day.

If you wondered just why this event is put on, all one needed to do is see the abundance of smiles on the crowd.

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-6

Fishing stories were shared on stage and the entire group answered with a resounding “yes” when asked about returning next year.

Bob Slaybaugh asks "Who's coming back?!"
Bob Slaybaugh asks “Who’s coming back?!”

This weekend, Jamie Dietman from What’s Up Outdoors was on MNSJ Radio show to describe the event.  Once the podcast is up, you’ll be able to listen to it here. 

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-12
Jamie Dietman shares a fishing story

Here are more photos from “Fishing Has No Boundaries 2014”.  Visit their website here for details on how you can be a part of it next year.

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-10
Bill Sherck from Due North Outdoors takes his turn at the cleaning station.

82314 - fishing has no boundaries

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-21

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-20

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-19

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-16

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-15

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-14

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-13

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-11

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-9

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-8

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-5

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-4

82314 - fishing has no boundaries-3
First mate Tammie Dietman filets the day’s catch.
82314 - fishing has no boundaries-2
Jamie Dietman cleaning fish.





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