MNSJ RADIO PODCAST: The World Record Jordan Buck!


IT’S OUR 100th SHOW!

We’ll be celebrating with the story of the World Record Jordan Buck.  It’s the 100th anniversary of this monster whitetail that still holds the US record for typical whitetail.  It was from nearby Danbury, but was once classified as a Minnesota buck.  Why is that?  And where did the rack go for 50 years?  Listen as Mike Kornmann from UW-Burnett County explains on this weekends show.   Here’s Jim Jordan with the giant:

Jim Jordan with the World Record Jordan Buck, shot in 1914
Jim Jordan with the World Record Jordan Buck, shot in 1914

Ben Putnam from Boundary Waters Outfitters spent a few hours in the wilderness the other day extracting a canoe that had gotten hung up in some rapids.  Just how much work goes into that?  First you have to travel in and extract the people who were using the canoe.  Then you have to pack in all the gear that you’ll need to do the job and follow all the Forest Service guidelines.  Then you have to wade into the dangerous current with sharp rocks and steep drop-offs to tie up the canoe.  It’s quite the ordeal and Ben explains it for us.

Also, Brent and Nicole Larson from Field of Dreams TV are celebrating their first season on the air!  They’ll tell us what you can see and where you can watch it.

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