DNR Sets Higher Harvest Level for 2014 Wolf Hunt


The Minnesota Department of Natural resources in an announcement Thursday raised the total number of wolves that can be killed in Minnesota by 14%. Over 500 tags were added to in addition to last years total, meaning over 3,800 hunting and trapping licenses will be available. The DNR has also said that it will allow up to 250 wolves to be killed before the season is closed- thats up from 220 last year.

Wolves have had the largest effect on the northern 1/3 portion of the state. There many farmers and hunters complain that far too many wolves still roam their land and have been fighting to gain more license since the ban on the wolf hunt lifted in 2012. The DNR also expects that the new larger amount of licenses will anger many who oppose the wolf hunt in MN, but the DNR insists numbers are alive and well. In fact they now say that around 470 wolf packs (making up aprox. 2,423 wolves) roam the state. Thats an increase of nearly 212 wolves since the 2013 survey. This increase shows not just a stable, but thriving population.

Hunters can apply for the wolf hunt on Aug 1st. Applicants pay a $4 fee and must show proof of a current or previous hunting license, lottery winners receive a wolf hunting booklet and a notification. A wolf license is $30 for a resident and $250 for a non-resident. The first season is set for Nov. 8-23, and a second season set for Nov. 28- Jan. 31, the same dates as the wolf trapping season. Seasons will close early if the harvest level is reached.

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