MNSJ RADIO PODCAST: Steve Pennaz, Mandy Uhrich, Bob Slaybaugh (Camp Confidence) and Terry Strege (Four Points Retriever Club)



WHC-Geese-ducks-fish2“2 anglers-one lake.  No pre fishing allowed, one lure, one structure.  Who comes out on top?”  That’s essentially what Lake Commandos is all about.  The brainchild is Steve Pennaz, longtime North American Fishering Club Executive Director and TV Host.  Steve has a new company and squared off against Mandy Uhrich during a recent taping of Lake Commandos.  Steve called it “the best episode we’ve ever done.”  Find out why as Steve and Mandy square off on this weekend’s show.  Bob Slaybaugh, the director at Camp Confidence gave me a tour of the grounds near Brainerd last week, he’ll explain what all the camp has to offer and who it’s for.  Also, Terry Strege, president of Four Points Retriever Club is back to talk about their Field Test coming up this weekend at the Kelley Farm near Marine on St Croix.

Steve and Mandy are Segment 1, Terry Strege is Segment 2, Bob Slaybaugh is Segment 3

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