by Bret Amundson

(Listen to Jon tell his story of how this happened coming up on MNSJ Radio on July 26th)

Ouch!  This could happen to anyone:

Earlier today, a friend of mine, Ron Weber,  sent me a text message.  I opened it and immediately recoiled in horror at the images staring back at me.

Three graphic pictures of an archery shoot gone wrong.

WHC-Geese-ducks-fish2It started innocently enough as the shooter Jon,  was taking his 10-year-old daughter Olivia,  out to practice with their bows.  There may be nothing greater in today’s outdoor world than a father introducing the outdoors to his daughter.

They took turns shooting and, as is the case in many situations, gear gets mixed up and people end up with each others stuff.  Well one thing led to another and Jon ended up drawing back his bow loaded with one of his daughters arrows.

He’s bigger than she is of course, and so is his draw length.  That means shorter arrows for her and her bow, and longer ones for him.  What happens when you load an arrow in to your bow that’s shorter than it should be?


Photo courtesy of Jon
Photo courtesy of Jon

Jon’s biggest concern is that this will turn his daughter off to bow hunting.  He’s going to do everything he can to keep that from happening.  It’s just another reminder of how easily accidents can happen.  He wants everyone to remember to be safe out there and don’t let this keep you from introducing someone (sons AND daughters) into the outdoors!

Listen to more of this story coming up on MNSJ Radio on July 26th.


Photo courtesy of Jon
Photo courtesy of Jon
Photo courtesy of Jon
Photo courtesy of Jon

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