We’ve got the story of Kicking Bear and how the camps were started.  This is a great story that you’ll want to listen to. Ray Howell was the man with the vision and how he was given that vision is quite the journey.  He’ll share it on this week’s show.  Jamie Dietman from What’s Up Outdoors talks about the outdoors in Brainerd with updates about Camp Confidence and also Red Lake.  John Devney from Delta Waterfowl explains the latest breeding duck numbers for Minnesota and the country.

Ray Howell blowfishes near Alexandria.  Photo by Tammie Schrieber
Ray Howell blowfishes near Alexandria. Photo by Tammie Schrieber

A month ago, Ray Howell sat in the front seat of my pick up as we drove to a lake near Alexandria and told me the story of how Kicking Bear got started.   I nearly drove off the road as the story captivated me and forced me to sit in the truck at the landing and wait for it to end.  If you’ve never heard it, we’ve got it on this week’s show.

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