A NEW PODCAST IS UP! Deer hunting, open water walleyes, big pike on tip ups and MOOSE ATTACK!

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If you missed last week’s radio show, it’s now available as a podcast!  Here’s what we had: 

The “outdoors” are IN on this week’s radio show.  Dusty Minke from the Kruger Farms fishing team talks about trail cams and whether or not crossbows will be legal in Minnesota soon.  Jake Flaa had a huge day on the ice with huge pike-we’ll find out how he did it.  Eric Wolf spent some time in OPEN water catching walleyes, we’ll find out where and Donny Newman recounts getting attacked by a moose and being saved by a 9-month-old lab.

Click here to listen:

[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64007508/MNSJ%20-%20Radio%20Show%20-%20Seg%201%20week%2082.mp3, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64007508/MNSJ%20-%20Radio%20Show%20-%20Seg%202%20week%2082.mp3, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64007508/MNSJ%20-%20Radio%20Show%20-%20Seg%203%20week%2082.mp3]

Or download each segment to your mp3 player: SEG 1 – SEG 2 – SEG 3

Coming up on this week’s show:

We’ve got a huge show for you this weekend.  We go straight to Leslie McInenly with the MN DNR to talk about the deer numbers and how the listening sessions went.  We’ve got 5 questions with Dan Stark, the large carnivore specialist with the DNR to talk about the upcoming bear season.  Robert Utne talks about his unique taxidermy business, Wild Images in Motion.  (Check out the link!) If you’ve wondered how to get kids involved in turkey hunting, Tyler Scott has some tips, Tony Mariotti thinks this could be the last weekend of ice fishing and will tell you how to catch those big panfish and John Arman discusses next year’s No Short Cuts Film Tour event.


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