Kruger Farms Whitetail Expo – THIS WEEKEND!

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If you can’t wait to climb a tree stand and glass an open field, then get to Starbuck this weekend for the Kruger Farms Whitetail Expo.

Not only is this a chance for you to check out the newly expanded pro shop and get tips from the experts, but also try out a bunch of stuff before you buy.   Shoot rifles and shotguns and try out new archery equipment.

You can also get your rack scored for free with the Minnesota Official Measurers!

Dusty Minke will be giving us tips on trail cams on this weekend’s radio show.  Or you can go see him Friday night at 6pm.   There are some pretty cool options on trail cams this year.

“The technology is amazing,” Minke said.  “It seems like the one you buy this year, is out of date next year. ”

One of the new features allows you to get a snapshot of a big field that might hold a group of deer, but they’re not close enough to trigger the motion sensor.

“With the plot mode, you can set your camera to take pictures during your high traffic times on your food plot areas right before dark, or right again in the morning.  I make that camera take a picture every five minutes,” Minke said.

But what if a big deer walks right in front of the camera in between the five-minute intervals?

“And the camera will also go off as a motion sensor.  So it will still work as a regular camera,” Minke added.

MN Whitetail Classic_MN Sporting Journal_web-2Rick Brule from Vapor Trail Archery will also be there offering tips on turkey season preparation and long-range archery.   Will he be showing off the 198 yard shot he did in the video you can see here?

“198 yards, that’s a little bit out there.  But typically I talk about shooting long range…from 60 – 80 yards.  I practice consistently out to 100 yards,” Brule said.

But don’t most bow hunters consider shots that long to be unethical in the field?

“The advantages you’re getting with the long-range shooting is that it helps you prepare for those shorter shots.  When you have to practice at holding the bow steady and hitting your target at 100 yards, it really works your muscles and trains your muscles to shoot more accurately at shorter distances, distances that are more humane for shooting at animals,” Brule answered.

You can hear our interviews with Brule and Minke, as well as Jason Tank and Matt Peters about their upcoming seminars by visiting our podcast section on the MNSJ RADIO page.    Then go to Kruger Farms Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Here is the full seminar list and times:


Features Daily Seminars:
Friday, April 4th

  • 3:00-Jason Lund-GoPro 101
  • 4:30- Tom Giese-Deer Minerals
  • 6:00- Dusty Minke-Trail Cam Tips
    Saturday, April 5th
  • 10:00-Ricky Brule-Long Range Bow Shooting
  • 11:30-Jason Tank-Land Management
  • 1:00-Keith Knutson-Deer Processing
  • 3:00-Matt Peters-Bow Hunting Strategies
  • 5:00-Jason Lund-GoPro 101
    Sunday, April 6th
  • 10:00-Tom Giese-Deer Minerals
  • 11:30- Ricky Brule-Bowhunting Turkeys
  • 1:00-Jason Lund-GoPro 101
  • 2:30- Jason Tank-Land Management





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