VIDEO: 10 Point buck with antlers locked rescued from creek!

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This is dramatic video.  Watch as this deer struggles to stay above water while it’s antlers are locked with another buck.  A veterinarian and his son quickly spring into action and rescue the bigger deer.  The smaller deer doesn’t make it and I always hate seeing a quality deer die like this, but that’s the way nature goes.  There is some good slo-mo stuff at the beginning, then you can skip ahead to the 8 minute mark to see the moment they break the deer free.

Check it out:

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  1. Dont post hillbillies failing at unlocking two deer. That was a joke . That video doesn’t represent the class needed to be posted on mnsportingjournal.

  2. I would call that conservation. Would you like to see that deer next fall? Sometimes it takes making the tough decision…..Timber Ghost – What would you have done?

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