Moose attacks snowmobiler, rider shoots and kills moose.

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This video has been making the rounds. It’s hard to know exactly how the situation is just by watching this video.

Reactions have ranged from the positive to the negative.  Moose are large animals capable of doing some serious damage.  When you’re in the wild and you’re attacked by an animal, it’s not unheard of to protect yourself with a weapon.

Double D Outfitters Spring quarter page5Some have argued that this moose was retreating or not aggressive enough to warrant the shooting.  We want to hear what you think. Please comment below or on our Facebook page here. 

The description on the Youtube page describes the shooter as having a heart condition and a young son behind him, so he was protecting himself and his son from an aggressive animal.   Watch the video here:

Youtube removed the video, but you can still see it on Live Leak here.



  1. I would have done the same thing, but after I shot it I would have called the DNR and state patrol and reported that it is dead so people can come harvest this animal; I know the authorities would have like to seen the video as proof.

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