Heli Hoggin Texas Style – Incredible Video!

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The game has changed!  The feral hog population is exploding and states are finding different ways to deal with this nuisance.  Fortunately Minnesota has had only the rare occurrence with wild hogs and we haven’t had to resort to these measures to control them. In the southern states, feral hogs are hunted vigorously-sometimes with a helicopter!

But this is the first time I’ve seen the pilot be the shooter too.

This video came to us in an email the other day.  Here’s the message with it:

This Texas feral hog shooting chopper “Heli-Hogging’ video is fascinating.

The pilot has a fixed .223 rifle with optics rigged back to his helmet and eye-piece.

He’s fairly accurate, as you’ll see, and his Scout Chopper flying skills are down pat.

Holy smokes!

Check this out:




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