Deer Attack: What’s the worst thing that could happen?

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Think about the worst thing that could happen in the woods during the deer hunting season.  What comes to mind?

Obviously, there are tragic events that have taken place where accidental shootings and non-accidental shootings have taken place,  people have fallen out of tree stands, etc.   But think of a situation where it’s just man and deer: How bad could it get?

Stories of big bucks gouging people with their antlers have gone on for years, but what if the animal country-300x250gored you AND disarmed you at the same time?  Then ran off with your gun???

Sounds like a fictional scene from a sci-fi movie right?

Well it happened in Louisana.  Bobby Neames was out hunting and that very scenario played out.  To find out the whole story and how the deer ended up with his .270, read about it here courtesy of the Louisiana Sportsman. 





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