VIDEO: Goose vs Eagle-Who wins?

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If you spend much time around staging areas during the waterfowl migration, you won’t just see ducks and geese winging through the air.  Bald eagles are usually nearby trying to score some lunch.

Maybe some of you have had the rare opportunity to see and eagle steal a duck you’ve recently shot?  That happened to us once.

Either way, it’s clear that eagles and waterfowl don’t like each other much, but it’s usually the eagle doing the harassing.  Watch as the tables are turned and this brave Canada goose takes exception to the bald eagle hanging out nearby.  He takes a swipe at him on shore, then attacks in midair!

Anyone who has seen a goose up close knows how big they are, this eagle makes him look like a teal!  Yet the goose scares him off anyway.


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