MNSJ Radio: A New Podcast Is Up

81313 - coyotes

If you want to try predator hunting, Avery Prostaffer Ben Brettingen is back from In-Depth Outdoors with a fishing report and tips for those that want to try it out.  If you want to know what it was like to travel to Arkansas for ducks, we’ll tell you.  We piled into an SUV and drove 15 hours to chase speckle belly geese, snows, mallards and more.  We did it with 4 wounded veterans and the Wounded Warrior Guide Service.  We’ll talk to some of the vets about the trip, including Todd Grewe and Tom Maher.   Dave Morse from Wounded Warriors Guide Service in Grand Forks also joins us to recap the 1st Annual WWGS Fishing Tournament on Devils Lake.  Chuck Ellingson from Watson Hunting Camp talks about ice fishing on Lac qui Parle lake and what you need to get into spearing.

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