MNSJ Radio: New items showcased at the ATA show, wheelchairs on tracks (!) and we run down the MN Sportsmen’s Show

Bret sez the crappies are biting!  13.5"
Bret sez the crappies are biting! 13.5″

Avery Prostaffer Ben Brettingen is back from In-Depth Outdoors with a fishing report and he highlights some of the new archery products showcased at the ATA show.   Keith Sand is on from Sand Pine Pheasants and Action Trackchair.  These products are changing lives, allowing those with physical limitations to do the things they love to do.  It’s like a wheelchair on tracks.   Barry Cenaiko also joins us to run down all the events at this weekends Minnesota Sportmen’s Show at the St Paul River Centre.

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    Thanks! Jeff

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