INTERNS WANTED: Work in the outdoor media industry

internships availableWe’re looking for interns to help us across the state of Minnesota.  If you’re looking to earn experience in the outdoor media industry and are passionate about hunting and fishing, we’re looking for you.

We have positions to fill in Duluth, Rochester, Fargo, St Cloud, Mankato, the Twin Cities and other areas around the state. This is an unpaid position, but will allow you to spend more time outside and working with a magazine, radio show and website that is constantly working to bring the outdoors in high quality to the people who care about Minnesota’s outdoors.

Job duties could include handing out flyers, attending outdoor events, delivering magazines, taking photos and gathering outdoor information from your area.  Social media, audio production and website update experience a plus.

If you feel you’re right for this position, please email your resume to

Thank you,

Bret Amundson, editor.

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