GEAR REVIEW: Rod and Rifle Bourbon

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This is sort of a gear review.

The guys at Rod and Rifle Bourbon were generous enough to send me a bottle to try out, since I’ve been known to drink a glass of bourbon, how could I pass it up?

First let me tell you what Rod and Rifle is all about.  It’s under “Prestige LLC” and this is what they say about conservation on their website,

Prestige Imports LLC is dedicated to preserving Americas Hunting & Fishing Heritage through the production and marketing of Rod & Rifle Bourbon and Rod & Rifle American Blended Whiskey.  Rod & Rifle Bourbon forwards proceeds of each customers purchase to Wildlife Forever for the preservation of fish and wildlife habitat. The importance of maintaining and preserving waters and lands utilized by millions of American Outdoorsmen, their families, and future generations cannot be over emphasized.

We have partnered with Wildlife Forever to provide you with Bucks & Ducks discount off your first year or renewed membership. Please visit and join Wildlife Forever in preserving America’s Hunting & Fishing Heritage.

The mission of Wildlife Forever is to conserve America’s wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife.

Wildlife Forever is a 501(c)3 nonprofit conservation charity.

With nearly a quarter century of work under our belt, you’ll find Wildlife Forever conservation projects in every state. Wildlife Forever has been working tirelessly to conserve America’s wildlife heritage. Browse through our list of newsletters on our website to discover some of our many successes.

So before I even tasted the bourbon, it sounded like something I would enjoy anyway.  I opened the package to see a nice looking bottle with a bonus glass inside.  I thought this would make a great Christmas gift for the outdoorsman on your list.

It had been a long day already, so I quickly poured a glass and gave it a quick sniff.  I do like to drink various types of whiskey, but it’s true that I’m not a big snobby connoisseur-I just like a good, smooth drink.

This was pretty smooth too.  A good flavor that offered hints of the oak barrels it’s aged in.  Not overpowering, but not watered down.  And at 80 proof, it’s not going to knock you on the floor after one drink.  Of course at 80 proof, it’s nothing to take lightly either.

All in all it was enjoyed and the bottle emptied too soon as it was passed around the Hunting Camp.  The fact that the mission behind it is conservation is right up my alley too.  I saw it in a liquor store recently in central Minnesota, so it should be readily available, otherwise click here for more information.

122313 - rod and rifle

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