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In the latest issue of our magazine, we had the chance to speak with Minnesota native, Melissa Bachman.  She’s no stranger to having her name in the headlines, and lately she’s been targeted by a group that is angry with her for legally harvesting a lion in South Africa.

In fact, they’ve called for a “ban” on her in the country.  I’m not sure how that is possible, considering what she did was legal.  She’s traveled all over the world on big game adventures and we find out about some of the most daring during our interview.

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What I don’t understand the most about this situation, is how people can give her death threats because she hunts.  Doesn’t that seem backwards to you?

A support Melissa Bachman Facebook page has started as well.

Melissa Bachman with her legally harvested lion.
Melissa Bachman with her legally harvested lion.

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