GEAR REVIEW: The Shield Archery Backstop

By Ben Brettingen

The Shield - Archery Backstop
The Shield – Archery Backstop

A sharp crack in the woods downrange, echoes right in my back pocket. At 80 yards you are bound to miss your block every now and again. It just stings a little bit when you start to do the math you end up with nearly a couple $20’s floating out of your quiver when you miss.

The BUP Shield Archery Backstop sounded like a good solution to my problem. I live in a suburban area, where a backstop is something which is of supreme importance, and it works a lot better than a giant stack of wood.  I picked up the 4×6 backstop and proceeded to hang it from two trees on eye-bolts.

The next test was to let a few arrows sing into the Shield backstop. I purposely sent one past the block hoping my arrow wouldn’t sound in the woods nearby. All good! The arrow sank into the Shield Backstop but didn’t even make it to the fletchings of my Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows.

All the shot blocking power you could ask for in a light enough package, traveling with it to hunting destinations is easy and convenient.  The elements test is now in full swing, leaving it outside in the conditions of Minnesota will be the ultimate decision maker of durability. I know BUP suggests an indoor storage, but I find it more realistic to leave it outside during the hunting seasons! I am initially impressed with its ability to shed water and not absorb it.

All in all I am very pleased with the performance of the Shield Archery Backstop, and would suggest it to any archers who once in a while has a bad shot!

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