It’s just a speck.

Just a speck?  It isn’t just a speck, it’s a White Fronted Goose.  And from what I’ve heard there are less than 200 of them shot in Minnesota each fall.

White Fronted Goose or "Speck/Specklybelly"
White Fronted Goose or “Speck/Specklybelly”

We shot two this week.

You’ll see them more in the spring, specifically during a snow goose hunt. They tend to migrate north along the eastern side of the Dakotas and western Minnesota.  In the fall however, they travel south further to the west.

111413 - goose hunts black cloud mika nahla-2

We had a single working with a group of Canada geese on Tuesday that will be put on the wall and this morning a pair of specklebelly’s came through, with one falling.  This one will be put on the wall at the Watson Hunting Camp.

111413 - speck core

There aren’t many but they can be found.  The guys at WHC might even be able to put you on ’em!

We found a few Canada geese as well! It may be deer season, but the waterfowl migration is on!

111313 - geese whc hunt joe munger 26 birds-6

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