Paul Steffen's Berkley retrieves a South Dakota mallard.
Paul Steffen’s Berkley retrieves a South Dakota mallard.

We traveled to South Dakota for the Governor’s Pheasant Hunt.  It was a chance for us to hunt pheasants and ducks for the first time in SD.  We found birds and met some great people, including the Spies family.  Jim sits on the commission for the Game, Fish and Parks, while sons Joshua and Benny have carved out their niches in the outdoor world.

We’ll speak to both of them while sitting in the front seat of a pickup in a field near the Badlands of North Dakota!

Joshua Spies is an Award Winning International Artist. Visit his website and see his work here.

Benny Spies hosts his own outdoor show on the Sportsman Channel, “Gun It With Benny Spies”.  Visit his site here and the Sportsman Channel page for it here.

Avery ProStaffer Ben Brettingen will also join us to talk fishing, bowhunting and hard water preparation.

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