When it Rains it Pours! PYP


Less than a couple weeks ago I had a Minnesota giant on the ground, and this week I headed to the famed Buffalo county area of Wisconsin.

I know I had to cross over to the dark side but can you blame me!


Yeah, see the red area in Western Wisconsin, hello big bucks!

The rain and the cold front was an absolute blessing, the deer were moving like crazy on saturday night. I was able to see a few deer each sit and then after the storm, I had about 19 deer in the small bean field in front a ground blind I set before the storm. Mostly being does but a few small year and a half old bucks.

Evan had a little better luck slamming a giant to the ground saturday night!

Evan's Deer (13 of 16)

The buck ended up going 157″ gross with 15 scorable points due to all the little stickers. He has at a minimum 5 P&Y bucks running around including a giant 10 that will push 170″! Heading back out there soon  and then it’s time for the rut!

Look for the complete story in the fall issue of the  Minnesota Sporting Journal

Good luck to everybody as October kicks off!

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