FM Walleyes welcome Al and Ron Linder!

Our friends in the FM area at FM Walleyes have some well-known speakers coming to their next event, Al and Ron Lindner!

They know a thing or two about catching fish.  Here is the official press release from FM Walleyes:


Al_nice_walleye Ron Lindner

An Evening with Legendary Anglers,

Ron & Al Lindner

September 27, 2013 Fargo, ND, Moorhead, MN

FM Walleyes is excited to announce that our Thursday, October 17th meeting will feature Legendary Anglers, Ron & Al Lindner. Our guests will need little introduction as their last name is synonymous with the outdoors and the world of sportfishing. Ron & Al Lindner, along with their families have made their passion a lifetime career and have earned the respect of outdoor enthusiasts all around the world. Many anglers, young and old, have learned how to fish thanks to these two dynamic brothers who live to share, unselfishly, with humor and humility, their knowledge of fishing with the rest of us. Their enthusiasm is infectious and if you’ve ever seen one of their shows, or sat through one of their seminars, I guarantee you will want to get up and go fishing when it’s over.


Their seminar topic will be “Walleyes: Secrets to the Two Extremes – Very Shallow and Very Deep”. They will share little known artificial techniques to catch fish – many times when other folks don’t.

Please mark your calendars for a special evening with the Lindners. Thursday, October 17th at the Doublewood Inn, Fargo, ND. The doors will open at 6:00 with the program starting at 7:00.

For more information contact Scott Brewer at (701) 388-4408 or Kyle Agre at (701) 492-1242


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