GOOSE QUESADILLAS? A Goose Fest Specialty!

The 39th Annual Goose Fest is here!

Last year was my first trip to the Thief River Falls/Middle River area for this annual celebration of the Canada Goose and also my first time having goose quesadillas.  I was felt rewarded equally for both experiences.

The town of Middle River, MN, population 300, grows to over 3,000 when this annual event comes to town.  Live music, goose calling contests and of course goose hunting are all part of the big weekend.  You don’t have to hunt of course, but I was able to get out with the Cory Loeffler and the DRC crew, along with Jake Flaa and the guys with Morning Storm Outdoors.  Here is a video they put together from our time there last year:

Here is a list of all the events.

We are going up there for a tour of Agassiz Wildlife Refuge-I’m hoping to get on an airboat!  We’ll also do some goose hunting with North American Goose Calling Champ Loeffler, but what I’m really excited about is getting back to the days of tar pits and flying dinosaurs.  I want to hunt sandhill cranes!  Part of me wants to try it because I’ve never done it.  I’ve also heard them called the “ribeye of the sky”, and I’ve never been one to turn down a ribeye.

Here are a few pictures from last year’s event.  Come see us in Middle River this weekend!


The view from our plane tour of Thief Lake

The view from our plane tour of Thief Lake

Another Thief Lake plane shot.

Another Thief Lake plane shot.



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