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I had the chance to sit down and talk to Dave Orrick from the St Paul Pioneer Press last week out in Watson.  In fact, Dave and I were with Rick Alsen from Beavertail Boats and Chuck Ellingson from the Watson Hunting Camp.   We chewed the fat about a number of topics that we brought to the radio show.   The dove opener for one.  It starts 9/1 and doves are the most abundant game bird in the United States.   Dave is writing a piece about it in Sunday’s Pioneer Press.

We also discuss the Mille Lacs situation, antler point restriction expansion, wolves and what it’s like to be loved one moment and loathed the next.   Ah, the life of the outdoor writer.

I hunted ducks before I hunted anything else, so there will always be a special place in my chest for flingin’ steel at a wingin’ wood duck.  The youth waterfowl day is a week away (9/7) and the regular season waterfowl is the earliest its been since 1945.   You’ll find me with a loaded 12 gauge on the morning of September 21st watching the sunrise over the horizon, scanning for ducks.   I might even be doing it from a brand new Beavertail Boat.  They’re a Minnesota company that’s done well in the outdoors and Rick Alsen joins us to tell the story.

Ben Brettingen and I are heading off to the Badlands for the NoDak opener and we’ll talk about our Pursuit for Pope and Young on this weekends show.  Specifically what Ben is doing as far as scent-control is concerned.  It’s gonna be steamy and we’ll be sweaty.

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