The Gould Brothers Put On An Exhibition

Game Fair is about the outdoors.  Lots of bird hunting, archery hunting and of course deer hunting as well.  Dogs are sniffing and barking, buffalo burgers are being consumed and guns are going off.  Some of the shooters are even hitting the intended targets.  There is no question there are some good shooters that bring their favorite scattergun to the Armstrong Ranch, but a pair of brothers from Alexandria brought along a few different Winchesters and put on an exhibition.

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-2

The Gould Brothers are new to Game Fair, as management needed to find some new shooters due to the unexpected passing of fan favorite, Tom Knapp.  Knapp had seen the Gould Brothers shoot and had recommended them as future successors-only no one knew that it would be taking place so quickly.

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-3

We’ll be getting more of the story on this weekend’s MNSJ Radio show.  We’ll find out if there is a sibling rivalry, what it took to become an exhibition shooter and maybe get some tips for those of us who can’t dust a clay while shooting from the hip!

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-4

For now, check out some pictures from their exhibition shoot on Saturday afternoon.  They went from “limbo” shooting:

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-5

To “pushups”,

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-6


81713 - day 5 gould brothers-7


81713 - day 5 gould brothers-8

To more complicated routines, involving passing an unloaded shotgun to each other while the clay is in the air, then loading the gun and breaking the clay.

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-9

Of course the speed shooting came out and Aaron broke 7 clays before they hit the ground.

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-10

The crowd favorite was the fruit.  If we learned one thing from Gallagher, and it may have only been one thing, when fruit gets smashed/shot, it makes a big mess.  That sounds like fun.  You’ll notice how clean the “5” sign is at the beginning…

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-11

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-12

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-13

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-14

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-15

81713 - day 5 gould brothers-16

The Gould Brothers perform at 11:30a and 4:30p today at Game Fair.  Visit their website here.   For directions, click here. 

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