In PYP Part 4 – The Tacks

Arrows in the targettt (1 of 1)

Ben Brettingen

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So another critical part to the equation, what’s being flung from my new Bowtech. I had a dozen Goldtip Expedition 5575 which I have been shooting for the last few years. I can’t complain, every deer I have drawn my sights on with them has hit the dirt. Throw in the fact I am now shooting 311FPS and I’m not going to complain.

The only down fall is they were a little too short, and maybe a little weak spined. Can I get away with them, you betcha…but what fun is that! I set off again to Cabin Fever Sporting Goods in search of arrows. When I arrived it was unanimous between Pete & Joe behind the counter and a few regulars, the Easton Full Metal Jackets were the only way to go. Now, they aren’t your average fast arrow, built at over 11 grams per inch, it’s like sending a solid steel rod through the air.


However, it was explained to me like this, would it hurt more if somebody threw a piece of balled up paper at you flying 600 fps or a 1lb dumbbell at 50 feet fps, something along the lines. It rang true with me, I would rather sacrifice some speed and flatness for the knock down power of a heavier arrow.

Unfortunately my over 300 fps speed has vanished, and at 63# my Easton FMJ are flying about 285fps. I am making the bump up to  70#’s. by the end of the weekend, and should get some speed back!

I have been extremely happy with the new arrows, the only down side is I now have to put a block of wood on top of the target so it doesn’t tip over or twist. #PowerProblems

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