GAME FAIR: Day 4 pics, dogs, dogs and FALCONS?

Day 4 of Game Fair wrapped up and we took the camera over to see some different birds than we’re used to seeing.  These birds weren’t the prey we normally seek, but the predators that have been utilized by hunters for thousands of years.  Welcome to the world of Falconry.   See the pictures of Red-tailed Hawks, Harris’s Hawks and a Peregrine Falcon.   Along with dogs of course!

Game Fair continues Sat 9-6 and Sun 9-5.  Stop by our booth and get a free copy of the magazine.  Or get 6 issues for the price of 4, $18.

See our pictures from the past few days here.

81613 - black lab at booth

81613 - Black lab from day 3

81613 - black lab ret 2

81613 - black lab ret

81613 - hawk close up 2

Red-tailed hawk


81613 - hawk close up wet

Red-tailed hawk

81613 - hawk close up_

Red-tailed hawk

81613 - hawk getting sprayed water

Red-tailed hawk

81613 - hawk looking backward

Hey, watchya doin’ back there?

81613 - hawk spray 2

It’s sooo hot.

81613 - hawk tail feathers

No, I’m not sure why I’m called a “red-tailed hawk” either.


81613 - hawk wings open

81613 - mika bumper

81613 - peregrine falcon and dog partners

Hunting partners, Lily and Navarre. Navarre is a Peregrine falcon.

81613 - peregrine falcon face 1

81613 - peregrine falcon face 2

81613 - peregrine falcon_

81613 - yellow lab border collie mix

81613 - yellow lab decoy ret

81613 - yellow lab girls at booth

81613 - yellow lab halo

81613 - yellow lab red lab mix

81613 - yellow lab ret


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