In PYP Part 3 – The New Whip!

Ben Brettingen

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Now for the fun part of the summer so far, the new digs!

Experience (1 of 1)

Now to say I was going into this bow market under informed wouldn’t be so true. I had been shopping around quite a bit prior to winning a new rig. I had been a Mathews guy but there wouldn’t be any hard feelings if we parted ways. I owned a Bowtech Admiral about 5 years ago, but the draw cycle was terrible. It was back to the old reliable Mathews Q2.

I was pretty set on the the new Mathews Z7, the Chill or Creed. The Z7’s price caught my eye but I ended up falling in love with the creed after letting a few arrows fly. That was all until I put my hands on Bowtech’s Experience. An experience it was. The groups weren’t quite as tight, but it was almost negligible. The feel was incredible, dead in the hand, solid back wall and it wasn’t jumpy….O yeah, and did I mention the speed?! The IBO was awesome at a 335. Finally, I could break 300! I guess they say speed doesn’t always kill, but it sure as h*** helps! All of this at a whisper.

So it turns out all the archery shop had left in stock was a camo Experience with 60# limbs. At only a couple hundred dollars (After winning the contest) I couldn’t turn it down and walked out with a new bow.

Down under (1 of 1)

I did however, find what I was looking for, a black experience with 70# limbs. I stopped in at Cabin Fever Sporting Goods in Victoria only a hop and skip from Waconia, my hometown.

I was in and out in a couple hours after they hooked me up with the new rig! It’s one sharp looking bow, and it shoots even better.

At a 28″ in. draw I was zipping arrows over 310fps at a 63# draw. Needless to say, I’m in a slight love affair right now.

I have been shooting religiously in the back yards and spend a couple days at the Three Rivers Park Archery Range in Victoria. So far so good, I’ve been backing it up and punching paper.

Archery $1000I also was at Game Fair this last weekend with the new bow and took a go at the 100 yard, $1000 dollar shot. 3 arrows at 100 yards to hit an 10 inch diameter ballon. The first two arrows landed within inches of each other, only 3 inches left of the ballon. I compensated with an intended destination just to the right balloon, and let her fly. I was greeted with the disappearance of white, and a delayed pop!

Unfortunately, I won’t be around for the shoot off this weekend! A cool experience none the less.

Next on the rocket docket. The accouterments to go with the new bow!


  1. Reblogged this on 323 Archery Shoot and commented:
    I’m thinking about selling my CPXL and picking up an Experience – the problem is, I’m a 32″ draw – I can get away with 31.5″, but I’m not sure I can get away with 31″ for 3D season.

    • I love the Experience that’s for sure. Yeah, you lose a little bit but, I would maybe throw on a little longer of a d-loop. Not ideal but a more comfortable anchor position

      • I like the longer axle to axle of the CPXL as well – despite the speed cams it gives a LITTLE forgiveness at 32″ 🙂 Somebody brought a Proline New Wave into the shop a few weeks ago, brought a lot of memories back of 1990’s archery.

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