In Pursuit of Pope & Young (PYP) Part 2 – The Beginnings

Ben SD Turkey (7 of 9)
The picture which sparked the Pope & Young Pursuit

Ben Brettingen

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I’m guessing everybody will catch on eventually PYP – Pope & Young Pursuit.

How did this crazy idea spark, believe it or not everything started on a solo turkey hunt in Western South Dakota, and when the shutter click snapped, it sparked a chain of events.

On the ride home from SD with a great bird in the bag, and a memory card full of pictures, I heard a radio station, advertising for a turkey photo contest. The top prize for an archery bird was a free bow.

A month of so later, I was walking out to the dock for a morning of fishing on Lake of the Woods when I received a call, saying I was the big winner. After getting back from my marathon trip to LOTW, I stopped down and picked up my prize.

It sparked something, if I was going to get a new bow, I might as well use it right? So it began.

Decking it (1 of 1)

I have been out shooting my new whip, and it is driving tacks! Stay tuned, I’ll be talking about my archery set-up for the 2013 season!

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