The Pursuit for Pope & Young Part I (PYP)

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Ben Brettingen

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If this is your first time viewing the MNSJ blog or if you have been following me since my Trophy Encounters days, this adventure is going to be something completely new.

This fall I’m simplifying, instead of cramming everything into one season, I’m choosing. I’m not saying I won’t break down and plant myself into a slough but I’m giving my fall to the whitetail.

Ben Brettingen's management doe
Ben Brettingen’s management doe


I have always identified myself as a waterfowl hunter, as many of my fall days were spent in a layout blind or waist deep in a duck slough with eyes to the sky. Of course I tried to do everything in-between, packing the short fall full of everything else, muskies, coyotes, walleyes, and last but not least whitetails. I can’t say I have been ultra successful in the whitetail department, I have shot plenty of deer but we’ll leave it there. It truly took a back seat to ducks and geese since I could hold a gun.

The one thing I haven’t done is slammed my arrow into a true Pope & Young Class Whitetail.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 7.45.32 PM

I’m going to kick this section of the MNSJ blog off 18 days off before I have the chance to lay my sight on my prize. Bret & I are making the trek out to the NoDak Badlands over Labor day weekend, he with an either or Whitetail or Muley tag, and mine is strictly of the white-tailed variety.

Bret with his whitetail
Bret’s 2012 Whitetail

I’ll be doing the best I can in the land of 10,000 lakes, and with our Cheeseheaded neighbors to get another chance at taking home the best buck of my life.

As for the next few weeks, I’ll fill you guys in on the prep work I have laid to get where I am now!

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