GEAR REVIEW: Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend

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We recently had the chance to try out BIG TINE FORTIFIED DEER BLEND in front of our trail cameras.  This was new land for me and I knew it held deer.  I just wasn’t sure what exactly what deer were out there as cameras hadn’t been used in this location before.

I had 3 ten pound bags and one block to put out, so I started with a bag just to see what would show up.

I had 1,400 pictures in 4 days!

72913 - trail cam doe fawn


We had does, fawns, coyotes and even a few of those antlered fellows that we’re looking for.   A lot of young bucks were in the area, so I thought it would be good to utilize the Big Tine to help grow them into the mature deer we’re looking for.

According to the Big Tine website:

Big Tine is an enticing blend of wholesome grains, fortified with Whitetail Institute’s Imperial 30-06 mineral-vitamin supplement.

It’s packed with omega 3s and other nutrients deer need for growth and optimal health.

This maximum growth formula features all the minerals needed for antler development, many of which cannot be found in the deer’s environment.

Since that first trip with the camera, I tried one more bag, then set out the mineral block.   The block has lasted a few weeks now, with hundreds of pictures on the camera every time I check it.   The most encouraging part has been the increase in deer numbers and deer size every time I download those pictures.

In fact, more and more animals are making their way through, as this coyote decided to stop by and check things out as well.

72913 - trail cam coyote


This is our first year with Big Tine, so I’m excited to see what the herd looks like next year.  For now, it’s doing exactly what I’d hoped:  Attract lots of deer and the bucks in the area.

I can’t wait to get my stands hung and see what the racks look like once the season starts.  Check out Big Tine’s website here. 

72913 - trail cam buck

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