READ MNSJ: Our Spring Issue Is Now Available To Read For Free

2013 MNSJ SPRING - Cover F

In case you never had the chance to see our Spring 2013 issue, you can read it for free now on our website.  We like giving you the chance to preview our magazine if you haven’t read it before.  Think of it as a “Try before you Buy” situation.

The Spring 2013 was a great issue, packed with stunning photography that you almost need to see firsthand.  Looking at it on the web almost doesn’t do it justice.

Also, please take a moment to notice our advertisers.  They’re the ones who make this possible and all the advertising is linked to their websites, so you can click and visit them.

If you like what you see, subscribe today.  It’s only $18 for one year or $30 for two.  We come out 4 times a year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  Our Spring issue covered Minnesota as it awakens from a wintery slumber.  Late ice fishing, early spring walleye, turkey hunting and more are covered.  We interviewed celebrity chef Georgia Pellegrini and shared her Whisky-Glazed Turkey Breast recipe, that’s sure to make your mouth water.

Read it here, or by clicking “MNSJ MAGAZINE” on the left side of the page.

The Summer 2013 Issue is in the mail as we speak.  You should be seeing it in your mailbox soon!


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