OUTDOOR RADIO: If you can’t be outside, you can listen to a radio show about it. Here’s what’s on the show this week.

MNSJR 10 stations growing walleye

Getting high school kids involved in the outdoors with trap shooting, Jim Sable from the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League tells us how they started a new sport at schools all over the state.  Frank Soukup from Grand View lodge let’s us in on the Brainerd Lakes area securing next year’s Governor’s Fishing Opener and Angie Nelson from Wilderness Land Clearing talks about prepping your land for this fall’s hunt.


  1. Fargo: AM 970 WDAY  Saturdays at 12pm *NEW TIME (LISTEN LIVE)
  2. Park Rapids: AM 870 KPRM Sundays at 7am
  3. Walker: AM 1570 KAKK  96.3 FM Saturdays 8:00a
  4. Wadena: AM 1070 KVKK Saturdays 7:00a
  5. Wahpeton: AM 1450 KBMW Saturdays at 8:00a (LISTEN LIVE)
  6. Grand Forks: AM1310 KNOX Saturdays at 10a (LISTEN LIVE)
  7. Fergus Falls:  AM 1020 THE GAME Saturdays at 10a 
  8. MontevideoAM 1460 KDMA Saturdays at 9am (LISTEN LIVE)
  9. BemidjiAM 820 WBKK Sundays at 7am
  10. St CloudAM 1450 KNSI Saturdays at 1pm   (LISTEN LIVE)

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