ON THE NET: Random outdoor news including Mille Lacs bears, Lake of the Woods hogs, the Farm Bill and more.

Bring Me The News shared this video from WCCO of a bear rescue on Mille Lacs.  I guess he’d heard that they’re catching fish and wanted in on the action.  He could bearly wait to get out there.  I suppose he couldn’t even hibernate the night before.  It looks like it turned into a hairy situation for him.

I’ve got a million of ’em folks, stick around!

I know this isn’t about hunting and fishing, but it’s about Justin Morneau and it cracked me up.

-Day 3 of the Scatter Rap Challenge video and recap is here.  30″ walleyes, doubles on meaty smallies and more.

-Ducks Unlimited is spreading the word about what you need to do regarding this year’s Farm Bill.  Read about it here. 

And how bout this picture of coyote pups that I saw yesterday romping next to a shelterbelt.  They hadn’t ventured far from home as they kept popping in and out of their nearby den.  We’ve got too many of these wandering around, but it was still cool to see them!

Coyote pups.
Coyote pups.

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