THE WEEK IN PICTURES: Fawns, storm clouds, bowfishing and more!

The one thing I hear repeatedly when people pick up our magazine for the first time is “Great pictures!”  We do pride ourselves on finding the best wildlife photography in the state.  We’ve got some excellent contributing photographers who work very hard to get the right shot.   That’s why we print it on high quality paper and hand deliver it to everyone’s house in a gold-plated steel case.

The last part of that wasn’t true, but we do try to bring the best photography and put it on high quality, glossy paper.  Pick up a copy or subscribe and see for yourself.

In the meantime, here is a collection of pictures from the last week.

Let us know your favorite and it just might make it in the summer issue!


52713 - Mika Chloe
Mika and Chloe!
53113 - fawn walking
Just a behbee
52613 - mika driving boat
Mika thought we’d get there faster if she drove
53013 - stormy clouds 2
My weather app said “Sunny and 68”. Hmmm
52613 - chloe bret perch
Chloe learns about perch
52713 - doe and fawn mnsj
Momma watches out for trouble
52913 -mllard pair losing color
He’s losing his green!
52913 - woodies
53013 - mika boat
Mika wasn’t happy that she didn’t fish with us that day. A half hour after we came back, I found her here.
53113 - fawn laying
Trying to stay hidden.
6113 - watson cloudy sunrise 2
Cloudy Sunrise
53013 - spear carp pile
Removing invasive species can be fun!
He's gonna need new socks.
He’s gonna need new socks.
Chuck's on one!
Chuck’s on one!
We found a little mud.
We found a little mud.
53013 - spear carp 3 bw
Carp Speared!

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