SPACE INVADERS: Spearing invasive species

53013 - spear carp
Bret Amundson spears a carp

I’m really starting to enjoy this job.

Okay, that’s not really true, I’ve been enjoying it for quite a while now, but in the last couple of days I’ve gone from stalking turkeys to stalking carp.   Tuesday, I shot my first carp with a bow, and the next day I found myself shin-deep in cool water, moving like a ninja (or as close as I can come), with a spear at the ready.

53013 - spear carp 2 aim

I had already stood in the bow of our flat-bottom boat, eyes glued to the ripply water for that long, narrow back to slowly swim towards us.  I had connected twice and happily lifted the 15 – 20 pound invaders into the windy, humid Minnesota air.  A storm was approaching and we only had a short window to fish.

53013 - stormy clouds 2

Soon we came across a pocket, isolated by grass and filled with dorsal fins.   It was just out of range from our boat, so the decision was made to slip into the shallow water and start the sneak.  It was literally like shooting fish in a barrel.  A few more invaders were removed and our time was up.

53013 - spear carp 3 bw

But we’ll be back.  I’m sure I’ll spend as much time doing this as I did playing Space Invaders on our atari as a kid.

53013 - spear carp pile


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  1. We bowfish on the lakes around us 🙂 It’s a really good time, and I’m always glad to get those nasty fish out of the lake. Once a year, we try to make it back to my home on the Illinois river for Silver Carp as well. You should try shooting those things as they leap from the water!

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