MNSJ RADIO THIS WEEK: Walleyes, turkeys and more.

For one full hour every weekend across Minnesota, you can enjoy the outdoors on the radio.  The MNSJ Radio Network is up to 10 stations and continues to expand.   We look for the hot bite, the newest gear and stories of Minnesotans bagging the big one.

This week, Nicole Weller from “Field of Dreams Productions with Brent and Nicole” joins us to recount her recent turkey “Reaping”.  It’s a big bird that put her in the record books and we’ll hear all about it.

Nikki and some spurs!
Nikki and some spurs!


The walleyes are biting on Devils Lake!  Guide Jeff Katzer from Woodland Resort tells us where they’re at and what they’re biting on.

Jeff Katzer
Jeff Katzer

Brian Petschl from Land of Lakes Bowfishing Association talks about the new legislation regarding year-round bowfishing and the upcoming 2013 State Shoot.

Find a station here and tune in!




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