THIS WEEK ON MNSJ RADIO: CRP sign up, women who fish and giant carp!

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Jeremy Lewerenz and Matt Kargas with giant carp!
Jeremy Lewerenz and Matt Kargas with giant carp! Photo courtesy of Minnesota Archery

On this week’s show, we’ll focus a bit more on fishing-albeit with a hybrid hunt/fish activity: bow fishing.  We’ll discuss some big carp with Jeremy Lewerenz from Minnesota Archery, who recently shot a 47.8lb carp along with boat partner Matt Kargas.  Since the DNR doesn’t keep bow fishing records, it was speculated that this could be right up there.  After posting the picture, another mega-carp picture came in from a couple years ago that tipped the scales at 55lbs.  See both pictures here. 

52213 - ND Plots DLeier
Courtesy of ND Game and Fish

Whatever your opinions are concerning the changing landscape, the general CRP sign up that almost didn’t happen, is a good thing.  It involves better payments to landowners, targets the harder-to-farm pieces of land, and will improve air and water quality.  We’ll head to Washington DC to discuss the various programs contained in the new Farm Bill for landowners.  Dave Nomsen, the VP of Government Affairs from Pheasants Forever,  talks about the sometimes tenuous relationship between landowner and government.

Trish Hausauer and Jan Shilts take the top prize – Courtesy of WI Women Fish

The fastest growing segment in the outdoors may be the increased involvement of women.  Whether it’s bowhunting or slinging spinners, women are getting more and more active in a male dominated industry.  Barb Carey, the president and founder of WI Women Fish recently teamed up with the World Walleye Organization to put on the first Women’s Walleye Tournament.  We’ll talk to her about the experience and about how more women can get involved.

WI Women Fish founder Barb Carey with the one thing a Minnesotan can appreciate from Green Bay!

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