CARP-EH? DIEM: Minnesota Bow Fishing Record?

A few questions regarding Minnesota’s record keeping in regards to it’s finned residents have been brought up from time to time, including a catch-and-release version since it’s generally understood that putting the big fish back is better for the species population.  Another topic that has been brought up is the possible need for a bow fishing record.

Bow fishing is becoming more and more popular as a way to enjoy the outdoors and try to control some of the rough fish crowding our lakes and rivers.   Is it time to start keeping records?  I believe someone who sticks a monster should get some recognition, but there’s no question that some of the guys just like to get out and fling some arrows.

Either way, congrats are in order for Jeremy Lewerenz and Matt Kargas from Litchfield, MN.  Kargas is the owner of Minnesota Archery and Lewerenz works there.   They were together bow fishing on May 7th and both shot at this giant carp.  I’d like to find out if this was a team effort or was there a little fun to be had over who shot it first.

It weighed in at a whopping 47.8 lbs, measured 48 inches with a 29 1/2 girth and was taken in a popular Meeker County Lake.


Jeremy Lewerenz and Matt Kargas with giant carp!
Jeremy Lewerenz and Matt Kargas with giant carp!

Congrats guys!  What do you think about how the Minnesota State Records are kept?

*This was sent to us after posting this:

There is a MN state Bowfishing club- Land of Lakes Bowfishing Association that does keep track of record fish shot while Bowfishing. You do need to be a member ($20/year) but they have done so much for the sport of bowfishing & are continuing to work with legislation that it’s well worth it (nighttime Bowfishing is the big one).  Tammie Priem Schreiber

**Here is another carp that was brought to our attention from the Cabin Fever Sporting Goods Facebook page, listed at 55lbs, shot on Lake Waconia on May 1st 2011.  Nice work guys!



  1. […] On this week’s show, we’ll focus a bit more on fishing-albeit with a hybrid hunt/fish activity: bow fishing.  We’ll discuss some big carp with Jeremy Lewerenz from Minnesota Archery, who recently shot a 47.8lb carp along with boat partner Matt Kargas.  Since the DNR doesn’t keep bow fishing records, it was speculated that this could be right up there.  After posting the picture, another mega-carp picture came in from a couple years ago that tipped the scales at 55lbs.  See both pictures here.  […]

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