RANDOM UPDATES: Green Valley Fire, Bare Handed Quail Hunt, Mille Lacs ice out?

Lots of things to talk about today, so much that I just decided to condense it into one post.

Open water on Mille Lacs!  Photo courtesy of Fishermen's Wharf
Open water on Mille Lacs! Photo courtesy of Fishermen’s Wharf

First of all, the Green Valley fire by the Park Rapids/Menahga area has grown to 7,100 acres.  Structures have been destroyed and it’s not over yet.  It’s not very often that you hope for rain on a weekend, but everyone is hoping Mother Nature lends a hand in putting out this fire.

The Forum has an update on it today with pictures and videos here.

Fishermen’s Wharf had posted a picture on Tuesday of the bay being free of ice and today, Johnson’s Portside said this on their FB Page:

Mille lacs is free of ice today, now we get the marker buoys out and the docks. Get up here and FISH !

Finally this story of a man catching a quail with his bare hands.  You have to question the validity, much like the author of this article does, but the fact that he’s a pastor has to lend some credibility.  But he’s also trying to sell a book, and viral videos like this do a great job of spreading the word.  Watch and judge for yourself:

Video courtesy of The Austin Stone

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