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Mr Lid Gear Review:

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You may have seen Mr Lid, the Tupperware-like product on tv.  The difference between them and similar products, is that Mr Lid comes with an attached lid.   The idea was that if you don’t lose the lid, you don’t have to buy new containers.   They were originally marketed for food storage, but lately they’ve come out with a number of new uses for outdoorsmen.

We had a booth next to Mr Lid at Pheasant Fest and noticed how they can help you in the field.  You can use them for lunch, dog food and shotgun shells.  The “Shot Shell” version is what intrigued me the most.

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Hunting snow geese in the spring is a messy business.  Read this past article to learn more.  You’re laying in the mud while it could be raining or snowing.  I prefer to be in a layout blind that offers the lowest profile possible.  Squeezing my 6’ 2” frame into the smallest blind I can find doesn’t leave a lot of room inside.  I’ve been known to spill and flatten the cardboard shell boxes that you buy at the store.   Filling a hard plastic container with a lid that snaps closed seemed like the perfect fit.

I packed some Mr Lid’s with on that recent trip for snow geese in South Dakota (that I linked earlier in this article) and they did exactly what I’d hoped for.  I had two of them in the blind and was able to constantly keep them full during the down times.  If the action was hot heavy, I could reach down, flip open the lid and grab some more shells.  I was able to close it up easily in case I ended up rolling around to watch our sailers.  That way I didn’t have to worry about knocking it over and spilling shells.

They  stayed dry inside the waterproof case and it would have been tough for me to flatten out the box.

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Historically I’ve come home from hunting trips with shells in various pockets that usually find their way into a random box.  Then I’ve got to go through and separate the different sizes once it’s time to head back into the field.  The Mr Lid’s worked out perfect as I pulled out the loads I like to use for snow geese.

Overall, the Mr Lid Shot Shell storage system worked great for layout blind applications, especially when Mother Nature was throwing her worst at you.  As we all know, waterfowl hunting usually takes place when She is holding a grudge.

If you hunt over water, these waterproof cases will float.  I was told that they might sink if you fill it up with 25 shells however, but if you keep it at 22 or 23, you should be good if they’re dropped in the slough.

There are 3” Pheasants Forever and 3 1/2” Duck Commander versions available.    A new website to purchase these products is coming.  For now you visit their site here or buy the 3” on the Uplander website here, and the 3 ½” on the Duck Commander site here.

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