Spring (?) Waterfowl pictures part 2

902936_10151576765072326_314171349_oI don’t care if we are under a Winter Storm Warning, I wanted to go back out and take some more pictures on the river today.

There was a break in the snowfall today-the proverbial “calm before the storm”.  Mika and I headed out to see if what winged creatures might be swimming along the Red River of the North.

41313 - mika snow

It’s almost like the big drake hooded merganser knows I’m looking for him.  Ever since I’ve had my camera with, he’s been mia.  But some of his friends have been around, trying to find some lunch!

41313 - hooded merganser lunch

41313 - merganser stretch 41313 - merganser dive

I was able to close the gap on a few geese and while I enjoy getting close to old Blackfoot, pictures of geese really start to look alike after a while.  You need to find something unique to get a shot that stands out.

41313 - goose 2

Besides I’ve always been more of a duck guy.

Anyway, here are a couple more pictures from today.  Hopefully we’ll get some more species to look at soon.

41313 - mallards merganser

41313 - merganser

41313 - goose 41313 - mallards merganser 2 41313 - geese snowy point

Or better yet, hopefully I’ll be back in a blind taking pictures of snow geese!

Check out this “killer” shot from Cory Loeffler from DRC Call Co!  He’s got a bunch of great shots on their Facebook page here.


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