Spring (?) waterfowl photos

41113 - red under bridge
They say it might snow today

I took a walk along the banks of the Red River today, catching some sideways glances along the way.

Apparently walking your dog in a snowstorm isn’t very common, even in Minnesota.   I’d been seeing bits and pieces of the spring migration come through town and the open water on the Red is an inviting landing/loafing location.

41113 - drake mallard ducks red river
I named him “Titanic”

I spotted a colorful hooded merganser and his mate during a walk yesterday and kicked myself for not having a camera with.  They were close, the sun was bright and there was a nice backdrop of tall oak trees.

So today when it came time to take Mika out, I grabbed the camera and sunglasses and hit the door-not realizing that Mother Nature has a cruel sense of humor.  I could have left the sunglasses at home.

41113 - geese railroad bridge
You never know what you’ll find under the bridge.

I used the time best I could and was able to get close to a few mallards.  I even found a few bonus turkeys that decided a downtown rooftop was a suitable roosting location.   More likely a secure perch, out of reach of this wanderer and his nosey lab.

41113 - urban turkey red river
Who’s up for an urban bow season on turkey?

While the falling snow and foggy lens kept me from getting the shots I really wanted, it was still a nice surprise finding that much wildlife during a walk through Moorhead.

41113 - RR mallards ducks 41113 - hen mallard red river ducks 41113 - mallard pair red river ducks

We’ve got some great spring waterfowl shots in our upcoming issue of Minnesota Sporting Journal, if you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do it by clicking here.  It’s only $18 for one year or $30 for two.  Bargain!

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