2013 MNSJ SPRING - Cover FRiver walleyes, monster sturgeon, struttin’ toms, courting waterfowl and more all were combed over in our efforts to choose the appropriate photo for the spring cover.  There was some spectacular photography to pick from and it wasn’t easy.  We finally decided on a beautiful shot that Ben Brettingen took of a northern Minnesota rainbow trout.  We liked it so much, that we included it in our “Minnesota Reawakens” photo essay within the issue.

That photo essay also includes some great shots from Michael Furtman, Mike Lentz as well as some others.

We’ve got some great content as well and we’ll give you some sneak peeks over the next week.  Hopefully we’ll be offering enough of  tease to get you hooked for a subscription!  That’s really where you can enjoy MNSJ in all it’s glossy-paged glory.  The photos just look better when you’re thumbing through them over breakfast.  They help pass the time in the fish house, at the hunting shack or other obvious magazine places that we don’t need to go into.

You just have another week or so to subscribe in time to get the spring issue.  It’s just $18 for one year or $30 for two.  Subscribe at this link here.  

Thanks for checking out the cover shot!2013 MNSJ SPRING - Cover F

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