Do Males or Females Make Better Bird Dogs?

By Bob St.Pierre

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The lunchtime conversation at the office yesterday centered upon bird dog gender preferences.  In a group of five bird dog owners, there were five Labs, two English setters and a German Shorthaired Pointer represented.  Of those eight dogs, the male-to-female ratio was even at four per side.  The sixth person in the conversation was going to pick out a new Lab pup this coming weekend and was trying to settle a family schism revolving around the very topic of picking between a male and female bird dog.

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We discussed generalities associated with each gender of bird dogs.  Males are often larger than females, for instance.  However, a lot of gender preference seems to originate with “what I’ve always had.”   That’s true in my case with female bird dogs.  If I consider my preference through an unbiased lens, it’s pretty easy to argue my slant toward females is entirely grounded in the traits of individual dogs rather than in their gender.

The best argument made for females, in my opinion, is that males take a long time to pee; “they always have to mark their territory and it takes them forever every bathroom break!”

21513 - dp18So today’s “Battle Royale” is an ole fashioned Boys vs. Girls grudge match.

Which gender do you prefer in bird dogs and why?

The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.

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