And the record goes to….

The largest muzzleloader buck shot by a woman in Minnesota was on display at the MN Deer Classic last weekend.  The giant scored 173 3/8 and was shot by Mel Canady from  It also ranked as the 3rd largest muzzleloader overall in Minnesota.   Mel was a part of the process from planting the food plots to pulling the trigger.  We’ll hear her story this weekend on Minnesota Sporting Journal Radio.

3913 - Mel buck 2

You’ve seen the adventures of Jeremy Elbert and the rest of the Wildlife Pursuit staff chase big game all over the midwest on the Pursuit Channel, and now you can hear him talk about what’s coming up on this week’s show, on this weeks show!  Er, find out what’s on his TV show this week on my RADIO show this week.  Got it?  Good.


What’s the late ice bite right now on Devils Lake?  We’ll find out what’s going on from Woodland Resort’s Jeff Katzer.  He’ll fill us in on the walleye, perch and pike bite, and who knows what else as he sometimes is up to no good over there.

13013 - frozenlineandjumboperch

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